Scrolls are like enchantments, but they don’t provide any mining, protection, or combat bonuses. Scrolls are usually cosmetic or helpful buffs for your equipment. They are applied in the same way as a custom enchantment, by dragging the scroll onto the item.

The scrolls added are:

White Scroll (PROTECTED)Prevents an item from being destroyed due to a failed Enchantment Book

Holy White Scroll - A legendary reward that can be applied to armour/weapons, gives a 100% chance of not losing the blessed item on death ONCE

Black ScrollRemoves a random custom enchantment from an item and converts it into a % success book.

Transmog ScrollOrganises enchants by rarity on item and adds the lore count to the name.

Soul TrackerApply to weapons to start tracking souls collected from kills.

Legion Randomization ScrollApply to any Legion Enchantment Book to reroll the success and destroy rates.

Armour/Tool/Weapon Enchantment OrbIncreases the # of slots on a piece of armour/tool or weapon can have with a % success rate.

Item NameTagRename and customize your equipment.

MobTrak CreatorTrack how many mob kills you have with a weapon.

BlockTrak CreatorTrack how many blocks you break with a tool.

StatTrak CreatorTrack how many kills you have with a weapon.

Legion Magic Dust and Mystery Dust are products of a Legion Magic Orb. This orb will have a random success and failure rate. When equipped and used, you will have a chance to gain a Legion Magic Dust with a percentage gain (+%) for another item. This will allow you to boost the success rate of an enchanted book, making it more likely to succeed in applying the enchant.

The mystery dust is the by-product of a failed magic dust. This item serves no purpose in game and is a waste item, although this could change in future updates.