Advanced Enchants is a large plugin that enables over 300 more enchantments for your tools, armour, and weaponry. Not only are there hundreds more enchants, but there are also other new items, functions, and interfaces.

It also adds powerful items called scrolls, these are like enchantments, but do not provide a combat advantage. Scrolls will offer a different type of enhancement, such as keeping the item on death.

Whilst in-game you can quickly view a custom enchantment and its invitation using “/ae view <enchantname>”

There are many ways to get these fancy new enchantments, ranging from luck, trading, purchasing, looting, random enchant orbs, and pre-enchanted items from crates. But be careful, enchants are not guaranteed to apply, and may break your tool if the enchantment fails.

Let’s dive into the ways of obtaining these enchants:

Enchanting Table – These new enchantments are integrated into the vanilla Enchantment Table, by enchanting as you would usually, you have a small chance to get powerful enchantments on your items!

Villager Trading – Custom enchants are available through standard villager trading! Find yourself a village, a villager, and grab yourself some emeralds.

Purchasing? – By visiting the Enchanter, using “/warp enchanter” or “/enchanter”. Grind some XP and spend it on random enchant orbs. See what you get!

Looting – Just like in vanilla, enchanted books and scrolls can be found in dungeons and random chests around the world. Do /wild and have a venture too see if you can find them!

Random Enchant Orb? - Random Enchant Orbs is an item that you can earn and find around the world. On their own, they don’t do anything, but if you right-click whilst holding it, it will award you a random enchantment book of the same grade. (Unique Random Enchant ->> Unique Enchant Book)

Pre-Enchanted Crate Loot? – Inside of the vote/rank crates there are some elite armour and tools. These come pre-enchanted with custom enchantments, the higher the crate, the higher the enchants may be!

Use /warp crates to find them!