Everything you need to know about our Lands Plugin!

What is Lands?

The Lands Plugin allows players to group up in teams and clans. Teams and Clans can claim land as their own, set their own diplomatic relations, pool money in the lands bank, and build a base protected by an anti-griefing permission system ( TNT cannons & creeper eggs must be used to enter faction bases) Land leaders control who can edit their land, open chests, use doors, teleport to the land homes and more! By setting relations unique to your faction (/lands permissions) you can declare war and forge alliances to build your land's legacy!

How do I create a Lands Claim?

To create a faction type /lands create (land name)

To invite members use /lands invite (player)

How do I set a Lands Home?

To create a lands home you must first claim a chunk of land

To claim use /lands claim, this will claim the chunk of land you're standing in

You can then use /lands sethome to set a /lands home point!

How do I set the roles of my Lands Members?

To promote your members use /lands setrole (player) (area) (role)