Here are some key ways to make some money here on Legacy!


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There are 12 jobs to choose from which all pay good money! ( max 3 )

You can level up those jobs & they will earn even more money!

Grinding Mobs

You can purchase spawners from /shop or find them in the world!

Set up a grinder & start farming xp & drops

Be sure to sell your drops with /shop

This will also reward coins!


Mining is a great way to make money at any point in the game!

Use /wild to enter the wilderness & gather some ores out of caves or via strip mining!

Once you have filled up your inventory with ores it's highly recommended to build an auto smelting system with Blast Furnaces somewhere safe!
(this will also increase your repair & mining McMMO levels passively as well as generating you income)

Be sure to sell all your minerals & smelted ingots to /shop for a nice profit!

Selling items on the auction house

To access the auction house type /ah

You can list items here by using /ah sell (price)

Make sure you're selling items of popular demand!

Trading with villagers

Trading with villagers grants a chance of receiving custom enchantment books!

sell those books to players or trade them in at /tinkerer for exp

Exploring the world

When adventuring there is a chance to stumble across rare rewards in randomly generated chests!

sell the loot to players or /shop!


( coming soon )